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Full Version: Which Gel Lamp should I get?
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my lamp broke Sad so I need to get a new one, and dont have room for two tunnel lamps at my desk...

Big Grin Does anyone use a two handed lamp , (i.e 54watts)
to cure gels and shellac?
...was also thinking of the OPI lamp since the opening is so nice and wide, but am concerned about it's low wattage...(18 watts i think) .
Any input helps as Im purchasing this week.
I use the Light Elegance Easy Cure lamp, it is very poweful due to it's design. They put the bulbs on sale twice a year, which is a great reminder to replace them regularly.


I am not positive but isn't the new OPI lamp LED? I do know that manicuresthatlast will have an LED and UV lamp in one, I just don't remember the release date.
Right now I use my PNI 36 watt tunnel lamp and my two handed PNI 36 watt but the two hand doesn't cure the sides of the thumbs well enough so they have to do those separate.
Thanks sobeit!
I meant the opi axxium light. Ive always liked the open design, but eh the wattage is so low.
Ok, scratch the 2 handed light because of the thumb issue.

I guess that leaves the tunnel lamp OR the '2 in one' you mentioned. Wow, that sounds like a dream, I wonder when the release is?! Maybe I can hold out.
We are about to introduce a brand new UV/LED Lamp - we are just waiting for the details of the due in stock date! It's very nice looking and very function-able!

Here are the details as I have them from the pre-release sheets:
LED Technology:
will cure gels formulated to speed cure with LED bulbs
UV Technology:
will cure anything formulated to cure in UV bulbs (36 watt)

* Patent Pending
* Auto Shut off
* 8 Timer Choices
* Master Power Switch
* Removable Tray for easy cleaning, UV bulb changes, for pedicures. LED bulbs never need changing.

Right now the pricing looks like it is going to be $195.00
I will be posting just as soon as I get additional information
Premier Nail Source has a sale! You get a LED lamp, with a gel polish and accessories PLUS a nail drill and 3 bits for $199.95
Oh No! Don't get the Axxium Light. It SUCKS. I use it as school and hate it....
It will only cure 4 fingers at a time. if the client does not hold her hand in there just so it will miss the edges. There is no timer only a dial with the mins on it and you can not see a count down. The tray falls out to easy. I love My CND light, it will cure all makes of gel and will do all 5 at once. Also it has a nice count down timer right on top so you can see how long you have left. There is a tray that pops out for your feet to slide right in! It is 36 Watts easy to clean.

Just wondering Sachi which CND lamp r u using???