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Full Version: Cute Idea for Nail Polish Storage
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I love it! I'm going to borrow the idea!!!
I saved her blog into favorites. How did you come across it?
I have been using a metal spice rack, it looks so nice. We ordered it on amazon. I like the trash to treasure idea even better. If I owned my own place I would do this.
Thanks for the info. It gets me in a crafty mood. Don't we all own craft shops in our closets or basements?
Hey Sillysoup!
I was looking at crafty projects. I am wanting to make some Christmas Planners from the composition books @ Walmart for .40 cents right now. I was looking at Looking at
and I found it from that website. I am already thinking of Christmas and it hasn't even cooled down from summer here. Oh well wishful thinking!
The have really cute Ideas at splitcoast stampers
Can you please post the exact link. That site is too much to look at. Sounds freakin adorable. I love the idea of homemade gifts. I once took a mug with ingredients to make a brownie that you actually cooked in the mug. Here is the recipe. Buy a mug that is microwave safe.
[b]4 T. instant brownie mix
Measure all ingred into a small Ziploc baggie, seal.
Place in a Mug lined with Tissue paper, attach pretty tag.

write instructions on tag, punch a hole and attatch to mug with ribbon:
Pour mix into mug add. 2 Tbsp water & mix well.
Microwave for 1 minute.

Whoa, I haven't seen one of those since the 80's. I think I am going to take a spice rack (wire) and cut out paperboard to lay over the wire (so polish doesn't fall in between the wires). They are about $3 at Wal-Mart. Much better than $30 for a rack.
Footie, thats exactly what I did. I cut some cardboard to fit the bottom of rack because they wont sit straight. I cut it thin enough that you cannot see it. Just bring a bottle of polish with you to make sure they fit and the shelves aren't too high.
What a cute idea! With all the polish I have though, I'd have to have so many of those!!
sillysoup :
ust bring a bottle of polish with you to make sure they fit and the shelves
> aren't too high.

OH! Yes! That is a great idea. I did not even think of that.
I was looking around the web today and I found a nice metal one. It holds 90 bottles. Here is the link.

As soon as I get busier I am ordering this one!
Now that is a real find! Grab it! I bought a spice rack on amazon that is similar and doesn't hold as many. I am sure the polish will fit properly rather than lining with cardboard like I had to do. I wish I saw this before. Thanks for the info, I put it into my favorites.
Your Welcome! I would definitely snip off the little sign it has at the top. You could even spray paint it any color to go with your decor!
what? you don't like the "nail center" sign? bahahahaha! what are they thinking??
OOOHHH I love the metal one. And the price is great. I already have 3 - 90 bottle clear acrylic polish racks full, but if I were to change out to metal these are really cute, and the signs, well I would repaint them and put the color families on there, because my clients cannot tell the difference between mauve and pink and pink and purple, etc. or cream vs. frost. I dont know how they cannot see it, but a lot of them cannot tell the difference.

Or you could put your shop name or just some design on them.

Shannon A.
Yeah you girls really know me now. I was thinking how can I crafty this thing up? I would have to think out to alter it! JILL you're too funny girl!