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Full Version: who want to work here?
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A little rich for me. Beautiful, but not my kind atmosphere. I wonder what they have to charge to pay for all of that.
Wow! I can only imagine what that cost to start up.
OMG gorgeous! I'm putting in an application...the commute will be he** though.
Not too far from me. But too rich for me.
WOW!!! That is a beautiful place! I'd love to work there!!!!
Very beautiful!
I live/work in the same town as this place. I am quite happy where I am. Take it for what it is worth.

Tammi Merritt
ONS Educator/Competition team member


It is unique and the decor is relaxing. However, I don't find the manicure/pedicure area a spa environment. Still set up like other nail places, lined up in a row. I would prefer a private room in a spa to get that "relaxed" feeling to destress. JMO!
Not in a million years would I work there. The decor is so LOUD!! It looks like a really fancy uptown restaurant, not in the least bit like a spa. And I agree, all those pedi chairs lined up looks anything but relaxing. This is a corner nail shop on SPEED.

SOooo not my style. Smile
IMO..that place looks too "busy" to be relaxing as a client. Its like overkill with the decor. And i'm truly looks like any other "no appt necessary/strip mall/Wal-Mart nail salon". If you work in one of those places, I mean no disrespect. Even the one that was located in a local Wal-Mart upgraded their look/decor...but I still don't find it to be spa-like or relaxing when BillyBob/Jolene/Mama'nem youngins can just look on in and see whats going on with your feet...LOL
Its creepy...not a spa enviornment at all.
omg i love the design of that place... i would take it in a heartbeat if they gave it to they must have an army of pedi peeps
To me I think they know exactly what they are going after.
This salon is screaming night club and they are going after a clientele that looking for a place to chill not a place relax, if you are a young business professional that is single n rdy to mingle (or mid-live crisis) this is the place for you. Jersey shore kinna place for sure, oh and the name Soho is a dead give away that it is a club inspire name.

I can almost hear the techno pumping in my ears looking at those pictures. I can see wedding parties, pre-party before the night out and definitely groups of teen that have to have their nails done together (at the same time) for prom.

The marble floor is over kill for sure, if it was me I would have gone with stain concrete floor because of the industrial bare ceiling and I would like to see more retails and perhaps spray tanning on the menu.

Great business vision, but not a place that I'll fit in.
I think ther decor will draw the client but i dont see it being much better than like you guys say a corner shop. To many service choices to much decor and prolly to expensive. I do however want to drive by and pop my head in lol... Only 45 mins away from it!


Quote:spaqueen :
BillyBob/Jolene/Mama'nem youngins can just look on in and see whats going on with your feet...LOL
Um???? Confusedhock:
i like it, but holy kats do they really have have 9 pedi client at one time?? Confusedhock:

onyxkeeper :
> i like it, but holy kats do they really have have 9 pedi client at one time??
> Confusedhock:
> denise

if you look close, I think they have chairs all the way around the whole wall, I'm guessing 20+ chairs.
I just don't think that says Knoxville, Tennessee......overkill for the area.
Yes there are "party" people, but when it comes to pedis and such, they want relaxed pampering.
Trendy and hip? What night do they serve Seafood? :lol:

This place brings to mind one of those mega Chinese food buffets in my city.

With all that decor, I can only imagine how long it takes to clean that place up every day.

Not my kinda place, not my kinda clientele.

Over the years I have had kids ask if my shop was someone's house, lol. That is how homey it is. I love that feeling, wouldn't change it for the world... or even a spa like this. Imagine the electricity bill!
I would!
Id imagine w/ the way it's sooo modern styled and internet savvy..theres a great mgmt team, expresso machines, fine wine, and full-time nail tech assistants eager to take my dirty towels and scrub pedi files clean...
:wink: Wake me if Im dreaming lol.


If it is geared for a night club type atmosphere it shouldn't be called Spa. That gives a different message IMO.
to really argue the word spa these day we would have to go back and argue more what solar nail means.

that place look like it can do 100+ clients a day let just say average ticket is cheap like $35 per client.

100x35=3,500 a day, typical Asian salon pay structure is 60/40, owner get 40 so 3,500x.40=1,400 a day, let just say they only open 6 days a week 1400x6=8400 a week, there are 52 weeks in a year ,but let count some holidays and say it's only 51 week so 8400x51=428,400.
Keep in mind that the owner usually work in the salon so let just say that he/she only do 10 clients a day (which is low) 10x35=350x6=2,100x51=107,100 take that x2 if both husband and wife are nail tech.

let just say that both husbands and wife are just high school grad and barely speak English, that is pretty darn cool numbers.


Not arguing anything. I said it was my opinion which I'm entitled to express. You said it was designed for something other than a relaxing atmosphere. Any business marketing expert will tell you that the name of your business should tell prospective consumers what you are about and offer. If they are going to be that creative in the decor they should have been creative in coming up with a name that tells the consumers what they are about.
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