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Full Version: Need Some Advice PLEASE :-)
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Hello i am new to boothrenting and still need to build my clientel more. What kind of things did you guys do to help build your clientele?
If you're new and trying to build clientel, the best advice is you need to make sure you're there to catch every client that comes in. It's easy to get bored with sitting around and waiting, you start thinking of all the things you could be doing somewhere else.

Are you in a salon where you have access to hairstylists' clients? Do some freebies for them in return for them talking you up to their clients.

Last, your work needs to be top notch. If someone decides to give you a try and the work doesn't measure up, they usually won't say anything, but they most likely won't rebook to give you a second chance.

The nails you choose to wear can be your best advertising tool. Make sure they look 'done' all the time. Always keep your cards with you, never miss an opportunity to pass to a potential client who notices your nails.
I think having your nails done all the time would work. I'm not a nail tech yet but I do my own nails and I get asked all the time about my nails. People want to know who did my nails. So I know I will use that when I finish school. Good luck!
2 great articles right here

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build up my book?
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ok thanks for all the great advice :-)