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Full Version: white spots under Gelish
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Hello all,

Are any of you finding any of your clients developing white spots under the Gelish?

I have a couple that have. Not sure what is the cause..



It's most likely dry spots that oil will help take care of. It needs to be used daily to rehydrate and then prevent some of the drying affects of soaking off the gel polishes. I heard that CND was recommending a break from wear after 6 months or if the spots are bad. This came from my local supply house rep, after her discussion with CND. So before anyone says I am starting some kind of rumor. I'm only passing on what I heard and I don't need to hear it from CND direct to get it.
So back to the oil, not all oils are made equal and one containing Jojoba oil or oils with molecules small enough to penetrate the nail will work. Like solar oil, young nails oil, and others. I use pure jojoba on my clients.
I hope that helps some. The dryness has been seem with many brands.


After my clients have soaked off their gel polish some have white spots, some don't, some have more than others. But usually after I get done with the service, have them do a sugar scrub, a paraffin dip and I apply cuticle oil, the white spots are gone.

Not all white spots are caused by a nail tech being too rough or agressive. There could be many reasons why but, if the white spots aren't disappearing after using cuticle oil or some type of moisturizing, it could be another issue and a doctor may need to be seen to see why. HTH!! :wink:
I would think it wouldn't be good for the nail to have cuticle oil applied before applying the Gelish. Hmmm


I apply the cuticle oil after the application of the gel polish.
I think the white spots are an issue of poor nail health. Som research on Google shows:

Quote:"leukonychia" and are very common. Most of the time the white spots simply are a sign of some past injury to the matrix (base) of your nails. By the time the white spot shows up (about six weeks after the injury) you've probably forgotten all about banging or knocking your fingers. Sometimes, the injury can stem from a manicure that put excessive pressure on the base of the nails. The spots also can be a sign of an allergic reaction to nail polish or nail hardeners and, sometimes, are a symptom of a mild infection.

Quote:In reality, these spots most often develop as a result of mild to moderate trauma to your nail. If you can't think of anything that would have injured your nail, consider the fact that nails grow very slowly, so the injury may have occurred weeks before the spots ever appeared [source: WebMD]. Another possibility is that the spots could be a sign of a mild infection or allergy, or a side effect of certain medications [source: Weil].

So with that taken under consideration, I might assume that a rough removal - scraping those last bits off with a metal pusher too aggressively - might also be a reason.

I absolutely believe cuticle oil for all enhancements is a MUST - daily use if you can convince them and keep them doing it!

If the spots are bad, reoccurring, new ones showing up - then this client just may not have healthy enough nail plates to warrant this type of service. Yes, the acetone soaking can further dry the nails out, but that is all the more reason to make sure they understand the long term benefits of cuticle oil use!

One way to reduce the drying effect of acetone is to try the eco Removal Solution or Accelerating Complex (drops you can add to your acetone to create your own Removal Solution). Either product contains extra ingredients that not only prevent the dryness, but actually speeds up the removal process!

[Image: eco1281.jpg]