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Full Version: Hand made pedi spas...ideas?
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Ok so i have my design and its awesome btw, Im looking to buy parts now. My problem is that Im unsure of what type of bowl to use. I really want to go with the sanijet, magnetic removable jet things, but Im not sure what dimensions a bowl must be to use that type of jet. I want as little plumbing as possible. I was thinking a regular sink but Im not sure. To those who have custom build thier chairs, what bowl did you use?
come on folks... someone out there has to have built thier own spas....
You should check this chick out! I loooove her custom pedi space. She's a member of the board and I'm sure she'd be able to give you some tips if you email her.
Here is a link to one of the most beautiful day spas I have seen.

The pedicure stations were set up to the height of a nail table and the tech's legs are able to slide under like a table. The techs tell me it is the most comfortable pedi station to work at.

They use stainless sinks.
But neither of these circulate... I do love if green one thoBut neither of these circulate... I do love if green one tho

This one has a "clean jet" system that you can use with their bowls. You can contact them about customization options.
I would just buy regular stainless steel sink so that holes could be cut wherever you need them with ease.