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Full Version: anybody in colorado??
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Im teaching myself how to do nails, i did a lil training in connecticut, i just want to now was the pearson vue testing for mancurist hard or easy? i need some information thanks
Well, I am in Wyoming, but I can tell you that unlike CT, Colorado requires a formal education followed by State Board testing. If I remember right (it's been a lot of years since I was licensed in CO), it is 600 hours of education. You could look up the State Board licensing agency online to learn more about the requirements.


I'm in CO and yes you need training from an accredited school, I also don't remember the exact hours. Then when you pass all your practical and written requirements within those hours you will sign up for your state exam.
If you google colorado board if babers and cosmotologists you will get the link to the state site and see what the schooling hours are.
The state will want your school records first.
thanks u guys so much, yes im here now and it no way like connecticut