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Full Version: liability Insurance..where to get ?
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Hello everyone,
I am shopping for professional Liability Insurance for myself for a Nail Tech. Is there any companies that deal with this or should I go to a local ins. co ? I did talk to one person that did not quite know what I needed, then called me with a crazy price. How much does it run? How much coverage do u all have? Thank-you for your help.


You should have at least one million in coverage. The companies I've dealt with were State Farm, Traveler's, Hanover, The Hartford. If you are renting a piece of property you need to ensure that you are covered for falls inside the property as that isn't covered by the landlord.

Whether you are renting booth space or a place of your own you will need personal property coverage. This will cover all your equipment, supplies, etc. Be sure they offer that as well. You will need to figure out how much all that would cost you to replace and get replacement coverage in case of fire, etc.

Some companies only offer liability. If you get both from one company they may offer a discount. Just like if you cover your house and your car with one company.
I deal with State Farm Insurance and it is a good price, and I am happy with it. I got professional liability, and then i also got the shop insured, through there
I go with State Farm. Good price, good policy.