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Full Version: School starts tomorrow
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OK so my first day is tomorrow. I'm nervous to the point of not being able to eat. Which is good and bad I guess. I won't have anything to throw up. LOL Sorry for being gross.

Anyway. I am not a foot person. Can't stand them as I've said before. But if I can wear gloves I think I can do it without too much problem. I can pick up anything with gloves on. For some reason they make me feel safe.

Do you think they will let me wear gloves? Just the ones like doctors wear. Not gardening gloves. Only those might be better for me. LOL!! I figured I would ask them about that when the time comes.

I just wanted to ramble because I'm having heart failure over my first day.
Sweetie you will be fine Smile The nerves are normal, actually it means you take this seriously! I'm sure you'll be able to wear gloves if you need to. You might have to bring your own. Good luck tomorrow - come back and let us know how it went. And eat something Smile
At my school we were trained to wear gloves for pedis...the only time we took them off was after the soak because #1 we knew the feet were clean at that point, and #2 because the acetone ate through them anyways lol
I can't imagine why you couldn't wear gloves, it is more sanitary. I prefer Latex though some people have allergies to that.Just make sure they fit properly. Lots of people have the same feelings towards feet as you. I happen to love working on feet and prefer it over manicures. So much more of a before and after for those that weren't blessed with nice feet.
You probably can't think of one person that has nice feet. My friend hates feet and she is not a manicurist. My family thinks I am disgusting for enjoying to work on feet. You may want to think about the before and after. Pedicures make clients happy, you are making them look nice and feel good. There are some people that cannot cut their own toenails so you are also helping someone out. Just trying to find some postive thoughts for you. Its not for everyone but you will have to do it.
Get those gloves and good luck!!!!
Thank you!! I'll let everyone know how day 1 goes! Then when my first day of touching someone's foot comes I'll let you know. LOL!