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Full Version: what is the best educational site for students
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I'm trying to learn and study as much as I can. Are there any websites that you would recommend when preparing for a board exam? I just started and know very little. Thanks in advance Smile
This site. No really, this was and continues to be my best resource.
I learn about new products, education opportunities in my area, shows, and can post questions and occasionally a complaint and in return get answers from techs who are experienced and new both....all providing me with a different perspective than my own. I come here with technical questions, general business questions. I have posted pics of my work and gotten kind words of praise and extremely constructive criticism.
Post the town/state you are working/schooling in, reach out to techs in your area, go to every nail class/convention/show you can (better to have a few skills you may not need than to not have the ones you do need!), and check beautytech every day. I'm sure you will be the best darn nail tech to ever come out of your school!!!


Yep, this one. Big Grin
Well, this site IS wonderful Big Grin But I think for your state boards you should focus on the material that the exam is written on. Which is in your textbook.

Your state boards are just the beginning of your career. I completely agree with Zilchic. Attend as many shows, network and continue your education.

Congratulations on starting school!
I havent recieved a textbook. I know this site is great and I do use the quizzes but when i miss a question I have no idea which one I missed so I start researching everything. I'm trying to study all the boring stuff, first. I cant find on this site where that is besides the quizzes. Thank you very much for yalls replies. this site is wonderful
Kristen, Are you taking the full cosmo or the nail tech exam? And I;m sorry brain is muddled tonight.. you are enrolled in school? and they gave you no text book with your tuition??

You can purchase the books or at the very least I suggest the online study guide which you can purchase here

I am in school for nail technology only. My professor uses power points and emails them to me and I email my assignments back. when im done with the assignments he gives me I still want to learn and I have to wait until he emails me again. Im trying to teach myself everything boring that basically is all memorization such as terms and disorders. Yall are the BEST Smile
state board is what you need to focus on for sure because you will have to answer not how we explain things but how the text book says the answer is but everyone is right... this board is a great resouce.. i always refer people to a couple places for instructional help because the basic methods taught are going to span all acrylic lines.. or the instruction being shown will give you techniques that are most efficient in gel instruction..
my favs for this are
now she works her acrylic too wet for me but each acrylic has its own ratio but her techniques are basic and true..her sculpting method and filing method is spot on and time saving, all of her acrylic vids are going to teach you new things that are time proven, her pedi info changed my life in doing pedicures making my service quicker and more results.. i dont do anything with her gel stuff
these people have the art of showing you how to do gel down pat! granted they use what i call a 3 step gel (base gel, builder gel then gloss gel) but if you get those kind of steps down you can do one step gel too..
their acrylic application is flawless as well.. the reverse method is not new its just perfected..

there are many great nail companies with their own great ways .. these are just my fav for teaching tools

where are you located? you can post for a mentor on this board.. someone near you so you can have some one on one the school wont give you..
Thanks. I live on Cape Hatteras Island the one that got destroyed by hurricane Irene Sad
If you weren't given a book, I suggest getting the Milady's Standard Nail Technology book. They can be a bit pricey new, so if you can't afford that, try looking for a used one. I went to school years ago, so mine is pretty old, and when my daughter decided to go to nail school, we found hers online for a very reasonable price. You might even try posting here on swap and shop and asking if anyone has one they would consider selling.

When I was about to take my boards, I studied that book day and night until I knew it like the back of my hand. Trust me when I tell you that when it came time to take the written exam, it was a breeze!!

Good luck!
kristen i am so sorry for your tragic circumstances with the hurricane.. i can relate..
The Milady's online prep (think Debbie posted the link) is a good inexpensive resource. $29/$30 for access for one year. Used it to take TX written 2 months ago.

Gives you an option to go over answers as you take info why your answer is wrong or right.
@ kailiek Thank you so much that means a lot. I would be lying if I didnt say it hasn't made me depressed. Irene ruined EVERYTHING :'(

thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions. This site and people are absolutely wonderful.
Hi Kristin !
I just responded to one of your other messages.
This message board is a VERY good resource for information of ALL sorts.
Check out the web site of Gina Wallace !
You absolutely CAN NOT go wrong with her educational tools !
Gina has something I think you may benefit greatly from, it's called the Nail Trainer Hand.
When you log onto her site , you will Discover a TON of VERY Useful information to help you grow and become very successful in this wonderful industry !
log onto


Look into her site and have Fun !!! :-)