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Full Version: Gelish french
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Which Gelish white is best for a soft French white?
I just use the gelish white (can't remember the name).. but it's the white white. BUT don't use it with their clear pink. I had put the clear pink down and then the white and it bled something bad. I switched to the shellac negligee and shellac beau as the pink nail bed color and they work awesome!
I think the soak off white is so much easier to use than traditional gels. Here is my question. If I use traditional gels as a base for added strength, can I use soak off white for the tip? Has anyone tried this?
Yes you can use Gelish over traditional hard gel and then soak it off, but it is just as easy to file it off.

For a traditional french with Gelish though, I find it easier to lay down the plate color and use a brush to dry wipe the smile line out (kinda like a reverse application) then cure. Repeat. Then lay down your tip color. This way you can kinda butt it up against the plate color ledge you created by dry wiping in the smile area. No bleeding, crisp line, looks good. And Gelish does have a softer white now, but I can not remember it right off the top of my head.
The whites are Sweet Dream, Snow Bunny,Vanilla Silk, and Sleek White, or at least they all look white on the color chart.
Sweet Dream isn't a white, but a soft pink, similar to Essie's Mademoiselle.
Just a little trick to share. None of the french bases did much for me, they just weren't pink enough for me. So out of frustration, I added a couple drops of "Stand Out" red to my Sweet Dreams and it made the perfect pink. Just try one drop at a time till you get to the desired pink. And roll and shake well in between. I know it's probably Taboo, but It worked for me.

I have sleek white for french and find it looks like a "dirty' white. I end up using Shellac Creme Puff.... is there a whiter white in Gelish?