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Full Version: Booth rent and Maternity leave
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What does everyone do about booth rent when they go on maternity leave? Do you pay full rent? What if it's a commission based rent? I have a girl that will be trying to get pregnant soon, and I should have a plan for when it happens.
If she is renting space for her own business... she would need to continue paying rent based on the lease she signed. Pull up the IRS rules about booth rent.


So many contracts don't state anything about leave and how to pay. As the salon owner it's up to you to decide what you want to do. Do you have to give a discount? Free rent? Full rent? That's all up to you. Your not legally obligated one way or another. The IRS doesnt say that you must collect rent if a renter goes on leave. Nor do they say that you have to give free or discounted rent for it. The salon I am in gives us renters 2 weeks free of rent. But I am sure if we were on maternity leave, we would get the 2 weeks and then need to pay to keep our space available to us. Its all on the owner what they want to do.
as a tech whos in your situation what i am doing in trying to find a tech to come in and take over while i am going to be out. I'm not due til first of feb but i'm on the hunt now. I still have to pay my rent, no discounts. as a boss you do not have to hold her spot open, you can hire someone else, but i dont see you really tossing her unless she's out for more than a couple weeks. my goal is two weeks out if everything goes as planned. however the woman i rent from is pretty flexible so if it goes badly i'm sure we can work something out. but since its my booth, my shop owner has agreed to help my temp with the money situtaion and the temp will work the clients, and i pay her as though she was my employee. i hope that all makes sense