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Full Version: Artistic Colour Gloss
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I am experiencing shrink back. My base application is thin - very thin, but I have to go back and touch up the nails again. This is really slowing my application time down with this line. Sad

My Shellac application does not do this.

So if I am reading this right, these sog products are the same, but marketed as separate brands to different markets.

try dry brushing the base after curing. This helps with the shrinking a lot!
I agree with the dry brushing/dry wiping of the base coat.

It isn't recommended for Shellac but IS part of the application process for Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss. It really helps with shrink back and pooling. I use ACG quite a bit, but haven't had a shrink back problem. I prefer dry wiping with a clean dry lint-free nail wipe (the little squares) - it is quick.
Not sure if I understand the point you are trying to make about the trademarks, but if you are asking if Artistic and Gelish are the same--they pretty much are. Both companies were founded by Danny Haile. The company--when called--states that Gelish was meant to be marketed mainly in the Asian markets and that Artistic was meant to be the "pro-only" product aimed at America. And that Artistic would never be released to the public like Gelish has. (yeah right)
Shrink back and puddling is an issue of too much base layer.

Q. How do I get the eco So Quick Gel Polish Base coat thin enough?
Q. The color seems to creep away from the edges no matter what I do. How can I correct this?
Q. I am experiencing shrinkage or "pull-back" on the first color coat, how can I avoid that?

The biggest problem I find is technicians who are proficient at hard gels tend to apply UVGP in the same manner. This would be too thick. You need to think polish not gel, but even thinner than a traditional polish application. I received a sample of a polish bottle consistency brand and applied it on a friend. It felt so much like polish I lost my brains and applied thick as I would polish and it chipped that night!

One other trick you can try is "dry wiping" the dispersion layer prior to your color layers - using a clean wipe, just wipe off some of the dispersion layer. Another suggestion is to clean the dispersion layer after curing the base, take a quick white block to the nails to lightly rough up, then proceed with your color layers.
Dry wiping with Artistic Colour Gloss is a must. It is a step that is in the process when doing an application. If you pass by that step then there will be shrinking and the application will definitely not cure properly.

This line is great and the wear is very durable as long as it is applied properly.