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Full Version: How would you approch this~~~
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Ok I hope i dont sound nuts but i want your imput for this issue ~

What do you do when you friends / family members seem to NOT give you their business??? I have to say i am getting slightly PISSED ok ok not SLIGHTLY but really annoyed that i have friends and family members going to NSS salons even after i have said it is not the best idea etc.

They book vacations and they go get there mani/pedi at the local NSS, the children go to homecoming and again they take their daughter to the NSS to get her nails done. Wedding etc. IDK I am really just at a loss.

I was once told by a friend of mine that was new to hair that she would do hair at home till she got a job in a salon then she would not longer and would like to continue doing my hair at the salon which is a reasonable request.

So how to do i tell my family and so called friends to come to the salon and give ME the business and not the local chop shop.

I know i am babbling but i am really upset and dissappointed in this entire situation. SO HELP!!!
I generally do not work on family members--they tend to take advantage. But I do have friends in other towns that have gone to the chop shops and when I see them, I try not to point out the flaws I see--I just wait until they rave over mine and let them know the difference. If they still choose to go to chop shops; there is nothing you can do about it. Just don't fix anything for them unless they are sincere about switching. You seem to be taking this way too seriously. Just because they are your friends does not mean that they should drop who they have been seeing and switch to you. Give them a reason to switch to you--and if they don't--don't sweat it so much!
I completely understand. I have dealt with that fro 10 years. When they brag in your face how much cheaper it is, I simply say, " I can tell" Now that I have moved, I deal with my fiances mother going and getter her little designs which around here are a trademark of the chop shops. Id rather let them deal with her anyway. Family should be supporting you as if they had a business, they would expect it as well. You just have to laugh it off because it drive you crazy if you dont.
Years ago - before I became a nail technician, I used to go to the NSS salons in my area for two reasons. The first reason was convenient location. These places are everywhere and easy to get to. The second reason was because they also have very convenient hours.

I really didn't know any better. I didn't understand or care, due to ignorance, about sanitation, fungus, etc. I just really didn't get it - and I am a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years. I am now a certified Master Pedicurist and certified Medical Nail Technician, and I really get it!

Don't be too hard on your family and friends. They probably don't "get it" either. It takes a lot of explaining to help people understand the dangers associated with unclean nail salons - especially concerning pedicures.

When I try to explain the importance of sanitation, autoclaving of instruments etc. to some clients, they get the "deer in the headlights look" and really don't seem to care while others do. You can only try educating your clients and hope that they understand and care about the differences between safe salons and unsafe salons - and hope that they care that you care!
i have friends that do know why they should not but still continue to go when its "convienent" for them. i cant do several at one time and they know that. i stay booked and they know that.. yes it does irritate the fire out of me so i totally understand. but also i know that family will take advantage at some point and some friends. I would give the closest ones a guilt trip for not supporting you as family should but thats just
i like the previous statement that was made that when told how cheap they are... "I can tell" roflol...
make them want you, do things and show it to them whether it be by fb or in person that they cant get there, but you nor i will ever be able to take away the convienence factor for those shops.
but you can be on here and complain to us all day if it makes you feel better
:wink: we do need a safe place sometimes
Honestly, let it go, it and they are NOT worth the worry. It's entirely possible that that your hours/work/fees are what the problem really is. It's not a personal thing, I"m sure.
I see it as having more room for clients who 'get' it....
You actually might consider yourself blessed that friends and relatives don't come to you. I know, it's a let down when they don't support you. But it is most times easier to deal with non family and friends(in the beginning- my clients have become friends over time). My experiences with family and friends has been that they want more for less- discounts, free services, retail items at cost, odd hours....and the list goes on. It is harder to say no to them.
My mom who always got free services always "paid" me, be it cash to cover my products, taking me to lunch or dinner, and sometimes a new shirt. My daughter "pays" by taking me to my doctor appointments and sometimes after groceries. My daughter is now the only family member, besides my hubster that lives near.
I do understand your plight. I had a friend that knew and told me I gave him the best haircut he had ever had and I cut for free, but he would go and let someone mess his hair up and not cover the bald spot and pay them.
Like I say, it could be a blessing in disquise.


I don't really like to do friends or family on a regular basis, because I feel like they are the most critical if the break a nail, or I hold their finger to tight. They complain the most. And on the other hand I don't like to have my hair done by all my friends becuae I feel like I am taking up their time off, or using time a client could be in the chair.
I do barter with co workers or give them a discount, but with family and friends they like free better. And it doesn't work out for me.
I hope you find a way to let them know you would love to do their nails and if your good with a friends and family price, some money is better than none. It can get tricky later when your booked at work though and these friends and family who would like the discount. Any business to start is good though, so I guess I am torn.


I can see where it would upset you because when you are in school they tell you that your family and friends will get you started. That isn't always the case. Please don't take it personally. Like others have said they more than likely don't know the do's and don'ts of our industry, just go where it is convenient and cheap. Plus, like some have said, dealing with family and friends, who expect it for less or free, can be a problem. You can build a very lucrative business w/o them. You just have to redirect your marketing and figure out who your clients will be and where they will come from.

Good luck and let us know how it you are doing?
Don't be mad, be Glad!!!! They either want it for free or I feel funny taking their money.
I dislike mixing personal and business. I don't like being approached by my friends and/or family members to "support" their ventures. If you want my "support," then make it worth my while. Business is business. Personal is personal. "Obligation" is a dirty word among friends and family.

Just to re-iterate what has already been noted: Try to understand WHY friends/family are not coming to you because it's most likely the same reason(s) why non-friends/family aren't either. Solve that and you won't need* friends/family as clients because you're too busy with others. Your business will benefit from this research.

I personally never want my friends and family to be my clients even if they truly want to. I would not want them to feel bereft of the freedom to leave.

*Forgive me if I presume too much.
I honestly don't like doing my friends and family's nails because they're looking for a discount. If they can respect my time and my skill like they do of the NSS's (which they have possess very little skill and they push you through like a cattle call) then we can work together, but I've learned to let them go and when I see their nails I'm like ooooo...those are definitely not the work I do, but if you like it I love it...then I show them my work and they're like "They won't do my nails like that!"...hahaha I know they won't, but if you pay me right I'll give your nails the rockstar treatment. LOL I want quality clients.