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Full Version: LCN Magnetic Polish
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Has anyone tried LCN magnetic polish? I cannot get the hang of it. I will watch the video tomorrow. I made a mess so far. Now I'm taking it all off
Polish one nail at a time and hold magnet over nail as close as you can for a few seconds a trick is to hold nail up and look down barrel of nail while holding th magnet over it. It's is a one coat of color polish, so cover nail good not too much, but work fast...... Hope that helps and the first they or two it's hard but it's super easy once you find the best way for you.....
I had to call them, because I couldn't get it to work. They suggested not to use a base coat. It worked better, but I still need practice. It did stay on well, though, even without the base coat.
I don't know if this helps, but, the magnet works by pushing product AWAY, to make the design. At first I thought it was attracting the fine metal particles in the polish, but it's the exact opposite.

Put it on thick but not gloopy and work one nail at a time and get that magnet in place as fast as you can. Hold still for minimum of five, preferably ten, seconds.

The reason it works a little better without base coat is that base coat helps hold the polish in place, and the magnet's job is supposed to push it away.
i love this stuff.. . i actually turn the nail sideways so i can see that i am not touching the magnet to the nail.. works for me but i did have to redo a couple times to get it at first Big Grin