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Full Version: How much ????
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I was reading this blog from Nails Mag talking about Vietnamese salons.

A comment was from a nail tech (who has been in the biz 44 years!). She stated that in the late 60s she charged $40 for a full set!!! Wow I had no idea. Adjusting for inflation $40 in 1969 today is $246.24 ! Where I live today you can get a full set for $20. There is a salon that charges $100 for a full set, that's the most expensive I know. I guess you had to be rich to afford enhancements. Although most women in the 60's lifestyle would probably make wearing acrylics unrealistic, unless you had maids and nannies. I just wanted to share that with yall.


I remember, when I had my nails done before I got into the biz, that I paid $40 for a full set in the early 80's. Our industry is probably one of the few that has taken a hit in cost of living increases because the nail factories setting their prices so low.
I agree. I have a cousin who is a nail tech in Arizona and a few years ago before the discount salons popped up on every corner, she was charging $80 for a full set. Once they opened, she had to drastically reduce her prices to stay in business.

I can also remember in the 80's going to the mall and seeing a salon there that was charging more money than I could afford to get my nails done.

Times have sure changed!
70-80"s i got 75 for a full set now i get 35 -50 :cry: but hey, i love doin them and i still make money
When I first started back in '87, nails were an average of $40-55 for a full set. When the quickie shops came along using MMA acrylic and doing 'no break' nails in 30 minutes for half that ( or less!), a lot of techs got out of the business rather than work that cheap. The ones who tried to compete and didn't make it were the ones whose work didn't hold up. Those of us that stayed had to up our game to be able to compete with the NSS that were everywhere. The only way you could compete was either to lower your price to theirs OR offer what they didn't provide which was one on one conversation, making the client feel special, and doing just as good of a job if not better on the nails.

The 'old techs' that are still working from those days are survivors of Nail Wars, IMO! :lol:


kailiek :
> 70-80"s i got 75 for a full set now i get 35 -50 :cry: but hey, i love doin
> them and i still make mone

Wow, I wish I could get that. People here complain or turn up their nose at $40 for a full set. I'd like to raise my prices $5 every year, but I know some of my clients would quit getting their nails done if I did.
Wow. Amazing to see how the long time techs have taken a hit. I can't even imagine! I remember charging $25 for a pedi back in 98 and have only upped it to $30 since. People still look at me like I am crazy for charging "so much."
@ Footie, I get $30 for my basic pedi and $40 for the delux. I get 'tire kickers' all the fave was a caller who asked how much my 'spa pedi' was......I told her it was $40.....she was flabbergasted! It was pretty obvious she's only been going to a quickie salon and getting a $20 pedi in a spa chair that takes maybe 30 min. and that's if they let her sit there awhile! Too bad she'll never experience my spa pedi!

If you give what the others don't, yes, they will come AND pay for it!