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Full Version: Have any of you seen this?
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After reading the article and the extremely angry responses to it, I am astounded!

I don't want to say too much, due to how angry I am feeling right now, but I hope some of you will leave a comment and support Hannah.
Wow, I better get off my lazy butt and go to work so I can do some fake looking nails. :lol:


I don't want to register to leave a reply but I may end up having to. Those people who are commenting that their tech is ignorant or using knock of polishes and who give fake nails a bad name, well, they are visiting discount shops becuase they are either bargain shoppers who get what they pay for, are to cheap to pay an extra $10 for great service somewhere else, or who don't really care to seek out a nail care specialist vs a walk in chop shop.
With that said, if that's all they know, then what can we say? They ought to look around for more reputable places to get their nails done. If they choose to do them at home because they have bad experiences in salons. They will continue to walk around with home done looking fingers and toes.
Is this just going to turn into a rant about pro vs non pro bloggers?

These do not look like sub standard, home job nails to me

I think hannah, the author of the editorial, was just trying to encourage more nail techs to get out there and make a bigger impact on the blogging world.

There is also some truth to the fact that not all nail techs have a burning desire or the time or computer technical ability, to run an up to date blog.

Fact is, if you want to see the new seasons colors, trends etc., swatched on real nails, pro or no, the blogs are the place to go.


I rely a ton on YouTube and written reviews of nail products. Many from the consumer. I don't want to hear how another tech loves a product as much as I want to hear what clients are into. What they love or dislike. That's out market. I was just saying that the comments on us being stupid are made by clientele visiting a quick nail shop that appeals to bargain shoppers and I don't believe a quick service will give you what your looking for.
Most of these bloggers are just posting swatches of different nail polishes. Also drugstore brands which I'm sure is helpful for the consumer, because what some of the comments said is true most salons only carry a few lines. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong with being infatuated with nail polish Smile and it is no one's place to tell someone else what they can and can't blog about (one reason why I love the internet). I feel like she went about it the wrong way. Like she was mad at these armatures taking away money/advertisers/sponsorship that she feels entitled to. I could have been done differently IMO. I think most of these amateur blogs attract D.I.Y.ers not our clients anyways.
P.S. I always see pics for the blog 'stephscloset' in image search the shape of her nails drives me crazy :evil: (but she takes good quality pics and is very dedicated)
This is just sad. I look at several nail polish blogs and give props to the people who take there time to review and try all of these products. Even though they are not pros.

The sad thing is that we are pros and they can not or will not give us any respect. I personally try tons of products so that my clients can get the best possible service. Even though I am a very new nail tech I still do my research on everything that I can.

I guess that the people who wrote these comments think that all nail salons are like non standard salons, and they need to realize that not all techs do quick jobs and rush people through there doors.
all I can say is that they really need to do their homework a bit more before they make such derogatory statements about nail techs. I wonder how it would make them feel if I posted in my blog, (if I had one) that all nail polish bloggers were very opinionated and really knew very little about anything in the nail world other than about colors of nail polishes? That all they care about is getting just the right shade of polish.....gheez....
One of the biggest reasons that I joined this site is because I have yet to find a tech I can count on in my state. I would have to drive 3 hours to find a salon with the professionals that I am looking for.

Maybe the posters of some of the comments in the artcla are in the same boat. You are right when you say they may need to seek out a better salon, they are more then likely ill informed. Even the more reason not to bash people that love this industry enough to blog about it.
I have to they cut their own hair too? If they do not and go to a stylist I wonder how many they had to try out before they found the right one for them.

If they do such a wonderful job on their own maybe they need to go to school, get a license and and show all us "la de da nail professional" what we are doing wrong.

Oh, I am getting ticked...grr

Tammi Merritt
ONS educator and competition team member
azaria567, maybe what we need to do is to work together to promote the nail techs who DO and TAKE take our job seriously and professionally. Is it possible that bloggers could start putting into their blogs exactly what a professional nail tech should act like? What a salon should look like? There's more to our profession than knowing polish names and collections. At least there is to a true professional nail tech. The NSS (non standard salon) have spawned several generations of clients who think that all nail techs are Asian, we don't speak English and we don't care about you or your nails, just your money. There ARE excellent Asian techs out there along with horrible American techs, tho. It's up to the client to know what to look for and bloggers can help us get that info out there to the buying public. If we sound a bit defensive it's because our very livelyhood is at risk due to sub par salons creating situations that you speak of. Our governing boards will NOT listen to us and effectively take control of the situation plus they don't have the budget to do what needs to be done. Bloggers could help protect the buying public with info about what to look for when going into a salon.

All I can say is, you need to put as much effort into finding a true professional salon as you do in swatching polishes and learning collection names. There are things a person should look for in a salon rather than a cheap price. I know it's hard to find a good one when the quickie salons are on every corner, but believe me, it's worth the effort.
The amount of misseducation concerning nail care and the nail industry is ridiculous. It's to the point to where the opposite is believed to be true "nails need to breathe" seriously?
or they need to 'rest'. I love asking ppl if they think they should take the hair color off their hair to let it breathe or rest..... :roll:
On a positive note, Holly Schippers, aka the fingernailfixer, hosts an amazing Facebook page that is up to date, interesting, educational and open to all. She promotes professionals, informs and educates clients and does not talk down to anyone.

As and educator for CND, her product line discussion is limited to mostly CND products. Her knowledge of nails and nail care is top notch. I believe she also blogs for Nails magazine.

Holly is an exceptional example of a professional using the internet to promote the nail industry.
I think what everybody on both sides of the board are missing is that this blogger is asking nail professionals to step up to the plate and start blogging. And to an extent--she is right. It's time some pros stepped up to blog to the general public about all the newest and hottest products for consumers to look for in a pro setting and what they can do to protect themselves and what they should expect from their salon and services. Maybe if there were more informed public, more so-called pros would have to step up their game. And if none of us are willing to take that step then maybe it's time for that old saying to come into play---put up or shut up.

C-C, Nailed it! (no pun intended) Smile
Donna and C-C, Beautifully put! Bravo! Big Grin
I would love to have the time to start a blog. I think as professional nail techs there are so many important things we know that just don't get out there and it would be so beneficial for the general public to hear. I just wish I had more time. Running a salon and working more than full time, I barely have enough time to do half the things I need to.

Donna, you have a great idea! Perhaps since many of us don't have the time needed to keep up with a blog, we could partner with one who could get the information out there. Seems like a win-win situation.
Ladies Smile

A number of you commented about the "original blogger" who called for the nail techs to step up and start blogging.. Hannah Lee is the publisher of NAILS Magazine and this is her "letter FROM the editor" her "On My Mind" column and it was published in the current issue.

I was personally taken back by it, understand but respectfully disagree with her point.

I know Debbie (the web lady here) runs a consumer based site that gets a nice amount of traffic, she does have a blog set up there that we all may contribute to. However, are you all going to review polish colors? Gel applications? I mean really, what would we blog? tips, ideas on finding a professional and quality technician maybe, when to walk out on a service possibly.
I believe you need to ask Debbie to sign up to post - be a contributor, blogger whatever it is called Smile
I posted replies on that article a few times and after I'd calmed down, I was able to get OUR point across to the bloggers who were so offended. What finally came out of it, was THEY have no idea what a truly professional nail tech should be like. We all KNOW who've they've been going to and all their conclusions are based on the experiences at the hands of NSS's.

One put it very well, she said they NEEDED more professional nail techs on those blogs to help them understand more about what our job is about. I totally agree, a lot of them think all nail salons are the same. How are they going to know different if we don't put the info out there? It's already been proven that thousands of women are reading the blogs and I know some of them are missing being able to go get a pedi because they're scared to death to get yelled out, cut, or get a disease. We've known all along we need to educate the public about what's acceptable and what's not, well, I think being the resident professional on a blog should take care of .02 worth


Donna, you did a beautiful job in all your replies. I even applaud your "knee jerk" response because it's the truth. Of you only opened the eyes of one consumer, it's better than none. I hope you do have them coming to your face book to learn. That would be awesome.


I have been educating the public when I do my networking at network groups. It is amazing how many people don't know the do's or don'ts of our business and just accept what is being done at "nail factories" as the norm.

We should all do what we can to educate the public what "true" professionals can offer the public in proper nail services.
I just read the follow up article and the comments. It goes from bad to worse :roll: I can see why the bloggers were offended. If I was a blogger I would have just ignored it. I have no interest in creating a blog nor do I think my clients visit these blogs. But to imply I'm out of the loop because I don't carry Sally Hansen get real! Maybe a way to convert those who visit the chop shops is create an online directory of some kind where people can find reputable techs in their area.

Other blogs discussing it:

I wonder how many people have read this now? Now they hate all of us. It is also interesting to note how many of them lurk on a Pro site.

*+*+*+*+*Edit *+*+*+*+
I meant to add that my reaction to Hannah is similar to that of the last link
I have one more thing to say. I understand why many of you are offended by the comments. How can these people who lurk who read Pro magazines and lurk on pro forums then turn around and say they know more about nail trends? One person claimed to have went into a salon and asked for a moon manicure and the tech did not know what she was talking about. That's unfortunate but who first introduced yall bloggers and blog readers to moon manicures in the first place? THE PROS. I don't take it personally because I know that's not me. With that being said I wish this article was never published in the first place. IMO all Hannah has done is shot herself in the foot. This article has done two things:
1. Vindicated the manufactures decisions to support these blogs:
"I personally would never have gotten into nail polish at all if it weren’t for beauty bloggers. I went from not painting my nails in a decade to owning over 30 polishes in a couple of months. What is the appeal? Simple: beauty bloggers are incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and truly *excited* about the collections and trends that come out. They have made me a consumer in a market that did not exist to me. How is that a bad thing?"
2. Vindicated the D.I.Y.ers decision to continue doing their own nails:
"I used to get my nails done professionally, but I’ve gotten rashes and cuts from the pedicures, and I found I could learn to do my own nails, including teaching myself how to do acrylic and gel nails. It was just as good as the salon, and I didn’t have to worry about their disinfection techniques, etc."
I have another suggestion along with a directory it would be nice to have some kind of accreditation board that is nationally recognized. Tech can advertise that they are ____certified and have a plaque or window decal to display in the shop.
>>I have another suggestion along with a directory it would be nice to have some kind of accreditation board that is nationally recognized. Tech can advertise that they are ____certified and have a plaque or window decal to display in the shop.

sorry but that is just not going to happen.. neither is a national license. Wishful thinking, nothing that has not been wished for before..
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