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Full Version: Magis SOGP wraps?
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I found them on the calgel site for $45 for 500 pre made foil wraps to soak nails off with. That's $1 a client vs the new hands down which is $22 for only 100 wraps. But I would rather use what works better than save $1 a client. Anyone use them or know about them. I don't know how much the shellac wraps are but from reading some reviews they are not as good as hands down.
The shellac wrap are very expensive, I believe $25 for 100. The hands down are $19.88 for 100 but its always nice to find something more economical yet. I always make a mess when using foil and cotton so if they are premade, all the better. I think I saw, that OPI is comingout with some as well.
I have used the Magis and found them to work well, however with some of my longer nailed clients the pad was not long enough and on some of my almond shaped clients the nail tore through the foil pretty easily.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't find them.

Can you post the link please Sobeit??

I would like to compare them.



Thanks sweetieSmile

My search kept coming up with all sorts of odd thing but none of them were what I wanted.
Sometimes Google is not my friend :x
I haven't used any premade wraps, but would love to find some. It's a bit time consuming to have to cut all the foils into smaller pieces. Thanks for posting about these! Seems like a great deal too at $45 for 500 pieces. Plus that saves me a lot of cutting!! : )