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Full Version: natural organic salon help please
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when I finish school I would like to have an eco-friendly natural/organic salon. I'm wondering if I get some suggestions about all the different products. thanks in advance Smile


Can you email me. I would like to share some things privately. Big Grin
[email protected]
I just sent you one. Thanks
you will want to look into the Nubar line.

The line was developed as a healthier alternative.


I'm hoping to try nubar scrubs Smile
sobeit :
> I'm hoping to try nubar scrubs Smile

You will, real soon!!! >:o)


Oh, good. You make it sound so scrumptious!
Kristen, that is a link I did not add to my email, but one you should read up on.
Hi Kristin !
There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of Great people on this board to learn from .
May I suggest you take a look at the website I will leave below ? It is a link to my eBook on the website of Gina Wallace.
In addition to checking out this link, take a look at the rest of her website.
Gina Wallace is a World Known and Highly respected author, educator and artist in the nail care industry.
Tons of information that will without question, help you to become the best nail care specialist you can possibly be !
Hope this helps !
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have !

yall are wonderful. I called nubar they said to get email them my student id # so whenever I can get my professor on the phone. I will be checking out Nubar.