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Did anyone attend Empire Beauty School in Manhattan? I am considering attending there and would like an opinion from a former student. They seem the only ones in NYC that have a good schdule for a single parent. My other option is Valmy but the hours are killer. Any advice would be appreiciated. Thank you.
I didnt attend Empire, but I know they are a good school and keep up on things in the industry.. If the price is comparable, then go with the one that has hours that work for you. The state dictates the curriculum and be aware your hours in school will only teach your enough to pass your boards.. they don't teach you real life experience..

Make sure you sign up for our eblast newsletters (box to your left here), you will get notices of upcoming Networking days.. I hold one out on Long Island in August, it is sold out already, but next year you should be finished with school and will definitely benefit from the education there..
Well Empire didnt work out. It turns out they no longer have a nail program. This search has been such a downer -(. If you know anywhere else I may take evening courses, please let me know.

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I need to find a school in New York City. I know theres 250 hrs of class time needed but my college semester is about to start.
Be careful about the amount of hours the school gives. 250 hours is very minimal and if you ever decide to leave the state, there are lots of states (like mine - Arizona) that requre 600 hours. When I went to school I had to have 200 hours before I was placed on the floor. Good luck!

there is no school in NY that offers more than the required hours that I am aware of - especially in the NYC area, even if they did, the state will only credit you with the required number for your license, nothing more.

I was extremly fortunate when getting my VA license.. 2 emails, 2 checks, one item sent by postal mail, the license was in my PO box the next time we went.. It is all dependant on the 2 states involved..
A very good friend of mine owns Long Island Nail & Skin Care, 3709 Hempstead Tpke, Levittown, NY 516-520-4800. Not sure of the cost but I know they are very accomodating as to the hours. The owner, Dana Caruso is the nicest person I have ever met in my life (and gorgeous too!) If LI is not too far, you should check it out!

see if there is a kenneth schuler school in your area they give you 600 hours i am thinking of going there soon in my area