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Full Version: Konad Stamping
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Hey Girls

R any of u using the Konad Stamping nail art?

Just wondering before I try it.

I have several of the plates, but can't seem to get the images in the same place on every nail. It's definitely tricky - I just need more practice!!
I use them quite often. They are very handy for a quick fix of art!
talked to the woman whos name is on the box, she told me to get beauty secrets nail polish the blue color, she said that would fix my problems not really sometimes i can use sometimes not. i cleaned all my disc's and everything like she showed me .she said my pressure was ok and so on .i cant get the painted design off on to the stamper i have worked on this all afternoon to the point i want to t if polish could be the problem.
Thanks for ur input ladies. I emailed the dist. And she said minimum order is 200 bucks. I just wanted to try it first not invest lol my whole harmony reveal kit was only 100! So do any of u know where I can get a smaill sample kit?

Have a fun day!
MitcheleSheree, what are you trying to do that your minimum purchase would be $200? I ordered directly from the Konad Stamping Nail Art site and did not have to put in a minimum order. They have smaller "try me" kits that we started with in the salon just so we could try it out to see if we like it.

With that said, we love it. The problem we had was the polish wasn't drying fast enough for us to do the art on the client at the same time as their fill or mani appointment. We got some of the Konad regular polishes in and it works great as they seem to dry a little faster than other brands. We do a lot of princess parties and the girls love it.

I email Konad and asked where I could purchase in the Midwest area. I got an email back from Joanne Cho with Konad USA Distribution. Joanne said that I would get great pricing through Konad USA and that she would need me to fax my license to her before she sent me a price list. Then she added that the first order is minimum 200 dollars.

Where did u get ur starter kit?



I see you are from St. Jo, Mo. I don't know if this interests you, but the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park KS has a kiosk, (downstairs near the Sears side) that retails Konad. They have all the plates and polishes right there.

It would be about an hour drive for you. And, it would be retail pricing (about $7 per plate and $7 per polish). That way you can look at the plates and try out the designs for yourself.

If you don't want to make the drive, then there are lots of online sources for Konad. You may have to pay retail prices for a trial or smaller amount of product.

have you tried buffing the top of your stamper with a 400 grit file then clean with acetone?

sometimes it helps the image to come off on the stamper if you rough up the surface of your stamper a little bit.
Thanks Kkgun

I go to OP often my mommy lives in Shawnee I might just tell her to get me the butterfly and flower plates and some pretty polishes for a gift or something. I get what I need and save gas lol. Thanks again
I am looking for more Konad plates... I have 2 right now and they are taking off in my salon. Any ideas where I can get them for less than $7 a plate? Or is anyone looking to sell their plates that are not being used?