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Full Version: For your fingers
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you have to see this: :lol:

I would be too embarrassed to use these.
Finger condoms! LOL
Sherrie90630 :
> Finger condoms! LOL

Yep, that was my exact thought too.
I wouldn't be seen dead wearing them, I would kill all my clients from laughterSmile
Those look kind of funny, but I have seen versions that look just like a piece of vinyl glove. I want these at some point, I only have a few fingers to protect and I hate wearing full gloves.
Finger condoms have saved my life!!! I developed a severe allergy to the Shellac and Gelish and I have tried EVERYTHING. I have to keep three of my fingers covered every time I come in contact with any of the products. I can't even put the polish bottles away with my bare fingers or the whole painful process starts all over again. I've used the finger cots you can buy at CVS but they will not hold up to acetone. Through my long search I found the best product ever, they are called FINGER GLOVES and they seriously saved my career as a nail tech. They are fantastic. One difference with the Finger Gloves compared to the finger cots is they WILL hold up to ACETONE. You can also cut them to fit the lenghth of your finger. They were to tight at the base of my finger without cutting them but I was afraid to cut them thinking they would roll up and not stay on. So I took the plunge and cut one and I couldn't believe how much better they felt and they stayed on too. They actually form to your finger and after wearing them awhile they become clearer and are almost invisible on your fingers. I seriously love them. I order the medium and they fit all of my fingers great, the large was okay for my thumb but after mutiple uses they were a little to loose, so I stick with the medium pack, which actually comes with a free large to try. So now I just tell my clients I have to put my "rubbers" on because I practice SAFE NAILS, ha ha Kelly*
Quote:So now I just tell my clients I have to put my "rubbers" on because I practice SAFE NAILS, ha ha

Kelly~ That is the cutest thing! I'm glad that you found help to keep you doing something you love, and a way to find a giggle in it all!
These things have been around forever! LOL My first job when I was 16 was in a family run drug store and these were right on the shelf in the first aid section where bandaids, and gauze, etc were. They were called finger cots, but I jokingly called them finger rubbers! I have trouble with eczema and psoriasis and there are times when I only need a couple of fingers covered and these work great! If you are interested in them, you might try looking in the first aid section of the place you may find them cheaper.
Finger Cots. I get them from my local pharmacy. Use them whenever I have a nick or cut--keeps me sanitary, they flex better than a bandaid and the alcohol based stuff doesn't sting me!
I will have to look at my pharmacy. They would keep my nails from messing up as I do someone elses. Cool!