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Full Version: Nail Models Needed In Sacramento...Will Pay!!!
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I am looking for youthful hand models for the Nailpro Sacramento competition at the convention center On October 2nd. If your nail beds (the pink part only) are very long and narrow, please send me a picture of your hands. The pictures must be of both your hands flat on a table without polish, acrlics, gels etc... If you do have clear acrylics or gel, you may also send in a picture, but no polish. I need to see your nail beds.

I will call back models with appropriate nail beds. Then on Sat. Oct. 1st between 7-8pm, I will need to see all models to make a final determination as to the best nails. Even with good pictures it's still to difficult to see which hands are best.

PAYMENT: Free admission to the Nailpro Sacramento Show that offers wholesale pricing on all professional nail supplies and classes. $50 cash or $100 in Masterworks by Amy Becker Products.

TIME REQUIREMENTS: If you are chosen you will need to be available between 6am-3pm. There are 3 competitions so you won't be required to be there the whole time, however models should plan on committing to 3-4 hours tops. I would like models available at the awards ceremony at 4pm but this is not required.

FUTURE MODELING: If you are an excellent candidate, I would be interested in using your hands for future competitions. This would include free airfare, hotel and expenses across the country and abroad. (I am looking for a model to take with me to Germany next March.)

Please send all photos to [email protected]

Thanks!!! :-)