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Full Version: New CND Retention+ Powders
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Has anyone used these yet? If so, can you describe to me what they work like? And what colors do they come in? Thanks in advance!
I have the intense pink. They are in the sheer pink, intense, white and clear I believe. I feel like they work exactly like the other powders from CND. I know thats not much help but they feel like the same workability. Still waiting to see how it holds up.
Ok- a couple ??'s

Is the white whiter? And I called CND today and they said its harder to that true? Or is it all around basically the same as the Perfect Color powders?
I dont use the white as I have never liked CNDs white. As far as filing I guess it just matters if you use it with Radical, then my perfect color powders are harder and then with retention is pretty easy to file.