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Full Version: Wide nail beds
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Can anyone explain to me how to form gel nails on really wide big nail beds? They look ridiculous when I do them. Ive been doing nails for 17 years and still can't figure out how to make them look normal! Any tricks of the trade would be great! Thanks!
You may have to try pinching a c-curve to make them more slender.

Here is a video by Gina Silvestro that might help.
love this answer, but how do you pinch a c curve with gel, its cured????
SEE how much I didnt learn about gel in school??
In the video she says to cure the gel for 3 allows the gel to cure just enough to pinch it.
I would love to see the nails bed you are talking about. Could you upload a photo? Before and after. I am new to gels and would love to see how this plays out.
awesome totally watching the video (ps hey sachi, its tara)
wow, that womans talent is insane, absolutely gorgeous!! I would LOVE to be at that level!! Do you know if this company offers and free samples of their gel?