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Full Version: Where are all the schools?
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A friend's daughter wants to go to nail school but the only one near us is a very shady place that's already been shut down by the state once. Where are all the good nail schools?! Does anyone know about becoming a NT teacher? Would I be able to teach nails and still run my salon and work on my clients?


I don't know about your state, but here in CO when I taught, I had to get a teaching license, and meet the requirements, and it's a full time job. Unless there are night classes. I worked 5-9pm and 8 am - 4 pm on Sat. It would be harder working in a salon full time, let alone running one, and adding teaching nails to that. Preparing students for boards, teaching the required ciriculum and getting in their clinic hours is no easy task.


A lot of states require a instructor's license to teach in beauty schools. You will need to check with your state's regulatory agency.

Because of competition with "nail factories" a lot of people are not getting into the nail industry because they don't want to compete with those places. So some schools aren't offering nail classes or have shut down all together.

It is unfortunate, but a reality. Maybe you can open one?
I'm afraid opening my own school would be too much for me! I strongly dislike that our professional industry has no more education. There's all kinds of stuff after you get done but nothing to get you started. Sad.
I was shocked this past Spring when I was so "Gung Ho" to register for as and NT student to find everywhere I went they had ended the program. I'm in NY and and every corner here has a salon but there are no schools? Where are all these people getting their licenses?
I finally found one and will be starting next month!
The problem is to work where I live in JC I'll have to go to school for another 50 hours. I cannot find ANY nearby.
where in NY hun?? I believe you should be able to call Albany and ask for a list of accredited schools..

I knoe of 2 on Long Island and have access to the NYS Beauty School Assosciation where I can inquire for you.
Thank you. I have to have one in Manhattan. Ultimately I think the real trouble will be trying to find one in/near Jersey City. For now I will be attending Valmy. Its the closest one I can find.


Not sure about elsewhere but I do know that someone who owns some of the "Nail factories" around town has their own school.

Another thing to remember is they share licenses. Here we put our own pictures on our license, the inspectors never ask to see ID, so they just change out their pictures on the license. I knew a hairstylist that used someone else's license for over 20 year because she let hers lapse and she didn't want to have to re-test.

So just because it seems like there are a lot of license people out there, that isn't always the case.

Hope you can find something close to you!
Thats not a bad choice but try here:
and see if you can find anything more convenient
I am an educator at a beauty school here in Colorado, and yes it used to be required that you obtain an instructors license, but now they do not require one, but do make you verify a certain amount of hours as a licensed nail tech,(or full cosmetologist), depending on what you teach... Sobiet is correct, it is a full time job. I start a new class every eight weeks... it has been great the last few months, as I have had several students come through who are only interested in becoming Nail Techs...I also teach nails to those who are becoming full for finding a school, I hope you can find a good one there in your state...I feel very fortunate that the school I teach at runs a top notch program, that focuses on offering the best Hair, Nails AND Skin classes in my area...there are other schools, but the nails and skin programs are very minimal in what they teach...very basic and just enough to pass boards. I have an awesome boss who supports me in bringing in all the newest products and techniques and teaching them to my classes...I LOVE my job, and am very proud to work at such a wonderful place...
Thank you all.