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Full Version: First day of school... :)
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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for a few weeks, a little nervous about jumping in and posting...

Any who... Tonight was my first day of class as a nail tech student, and I'm so excited to finally be taking the plunge (at almost 34 years old!). I'm in Maryland which requires 250 hours, so my expected completion date is sometime in the first week of January (part time student).

I look forward to learning from and interacting more with you all!
Welcome to BT. It is the greatest message board. I start and end my day by checking it out. I have gotten some great info and have made some really nice cyber friends. Its nice to be a part of something where we all have something in common. Good luck in school.
Thanks so much... Smile

I'm going to be 33 in a couple of months and I will be starting class next month. I'm very excited as well. I've posted on here and although I'm not a tech yet, I've felt very welcomed by the responses I've received here regarding the industry. So I can't wait to be able to "talk the talk" with the nice people here!
How is school going for you?
I haven't begun yet. Classes begin in October. I will be taking the NT course and directly following the Waxing Specialist coarse.
School is going well for me. My only concern is my teacher is an old school cosmetology teacher who is teaching nails.... she's not a nail tech, though she has done nails during her career (she's technically retired). There are things (such as different forms of nail art and embedding and different brands of SOGP other than Shellac) that I've talked about with other students that she's overheard and basically commented that she doesn't really know anything about any of those things.

On the flip side, a bonus with her is that she has actually served on my state (Maryland) board of cosmetologists, and has also served as an examiner for the board. I think that's great because she can really give more insight into the licensing process and what the examiners are looking for, etc.

She's a really sweet lady, but I wish she were more in tune with current industry trends. My other wish is that our book work portion were more structured. I do well with actually discussing the book and having assignments based on the information materials/topics in the book. But I'm only in my 2nd week, so it could be too early to judge.
Tia- How's school coming along? I've been MIA from here for awhile. I just read your post. Welcome aboard and good luck with school!
It sounds like your teacher is pretty much the norm for most schools out there. Get your hrs. and pick our brains, most likely you'll learn more here than at school.....
I completed my schooling in August this summer..I LOVED school, it was an absolute blast. My instructor was pushing 70 and I had similar experiences as far as the education goes, however we had fabulous OPI kits and were basically given instrustion on everything that came in the kit, whether it was limited or extensive instruction. The thing I did in school the most was OPI soak off gel, and pedi's w/ a smidge of acrylic. My program was 600 hrs so lemme tell ya I was soooo ready at the end, I actually found an apprentice program at the salon Im now employed at which helped speed up the process at the end.
School is... Ok. Well let me take that back.... I'm STILL excited about learning new things trying new products, etc... HOWEVER, my teacher is not so exciting. She refers to products by the wrong names, doesn't know the answers to (I think) basic questions (for example, I asked about the particular brand of gel she was using when she demoed gels. I wanted to know what the manufacturer said about lamp wattage for curing. She said, "I know you're not about to ask me that... I don't know." ) She doesn't listen to the full question when answering something, and starts to answer without fully understanding what you're asking.

She's got the "old school parent" mentality of "because I said so, and doesn't really appreciate being asked questions or hearing different points of view. She constantly says "Remember, I'M state board"... Referencing the fact that she USED TO be a state board examiner.

All in all, I'm pretty frustrated with my experience with her. And don't get me started on the products (or lack thereof) at school. The kits we got are REALLY crappy, and I'm quite annoyed that I paid them $400 for it. Half of the products in it I've tossed and replaced with my own, better selections.

That said, I tend to spent time at the school without her there (she's only there on Tues and Thurs, and outside of those days, I also go there on Friday evenings and Saturday or sunday afternoons). Those times when I'm there working by myself without her hovering and raising her voice (she's easily frustrated if you are not doing something the way she expects you to do... Such as hold a brush) are nice. I have time to practice technique or read in my book, etc in a more peaceful environment.

All in all, I'm basically just counting down the days until I'm done with her... Thank goodness Maryland's licensing requirement is 250 hours and not 600 ours like someone previously mentioned. No way I could handle dealing with her for that long.

I've already got tentative plans to attend several events next year to get the education I'm missing and to network (IBS Las Vegas, possibly the Tennessee event, and one more event that I'm totally blanking on at the moment).

Wow... Sorry for the novel... I guess I needed to vent. LOL.
Oh... P.S. - I'm the new student blogger for Nails Magazine if anyone is interested. I've been blogging for them for a few weeks now. It gets posted (mostly) weekly at