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Full Version: Seeking ideas for an upcoming event....
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Greetings BT Family,

It's me again....I can always count on this forum to provide me with some wonderful ideas.

I'm looking to participate in Ft. Worth's first Open Streets event!

It's a simple concept that's taking place across the country. Families and friends are getting out of the house on a Sunday afternoon for some exercise and fun in a festival-like setting. Streets are closed off to cars, yet opened up for cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, fitness classes, food truck vendors, etc.

They're giving area businesses an oppty to participate for free if they have some sort of fun activity to offer the community.

How can I create awareness for our eco-friendly nailery with an activity?
I welcome all suggestions and/or comments.

Thanks ever so much!



How about a free very mini service with your favorite product. Like a manicure and buff on the pinky nail with your favorite oil? Or a cute little coupon book filled with things like, (examples only) free nail art on one nail with any service. Complimentary spa service upgrade on your first visit.
Maybe you could get samples of your lotions, oils, or scrubs and tie them with a bow to a nice brochure telling everyone what your about? People love to smell, and touch and try things, so if you could cost effectively have things to try, it would be awesome.
Good luck to you, it sounds like a blast!