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Full Version: Sticky primer before basic coat on Shellac? Help please
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One of my clients had a manicure at another salon while I was out of town.She said that the woman used something in white bottle that was sticky and dried almost instantly and then went on to use the base, two coats and topcoat. She said her manicure lasted three weeks.
I feel like I'm in danger of losing her.
Protein bond and the other one..darn I can't think of it, both come in clear bottles, any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
Gelish also has Ph Bond (in addition to Pro Bond) that comes in a clear bottle. It is a dehydrator that dries immediately. It isn't sticky, it is just a dehydrator. It isn't a CND Shellac product, however.


You could use a bonder at the tips to make Shellac last longer. But remember, that area will take longer to soak off. Have heard quite a few on here say they have used Young Nails protein bonder and have had success with it.
I was going to say protein bond too, it's in a clear bottle with a white label. I use Something Wonderful from Nailite, it's the same exact thing but MUCH cheaper :-) and yes, it makes it much harder to remove SOGs. Not Shellac, but many others.


Oh yes I forgot about Nailite's Something Wonderful. You may be able to get a demo size for little to nothing. Call and ask Lisa about it.