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Full Version: Home Based Nail Salon.... need brainstorming ideas.
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Hi all. This wont be happening anytime soon but I think I will eventually work from home(next few years. I do gels and pedicures. I'm sure the room I will have wont be huge maybe 10x10.
I am looking for all ideas, hints, tips, etc.. to make things easier. Thanks everybody!
I know I need a sink and a separate entrance.
I will also be very picky which clients I will keep and have come to my home. This would probably be a transition from full time in a salon to just part time at home so I would be letting come people go.
my little shop is set up with pedi chair on one side and nail table on other. i have been getting antique cabinets of late to house towels and pedi products in one, and all my gels, and supplies (brushes, gel and acrylic) which sets behind my nail chair, i am now on the hunt for a narrow antique buffet which i can place my hot towel cabi on top of and all my other supplies, files..ect.. and my retail on top of..lotions ect.. and that will go beside my nail table.
i have a narrow plastic rolly 3 drawer thing from walmart on the side of my pedi chair to hold foot files, lotions, toesies, cotton pads, my shop is small so i am all about storage that works..
you might have your sink next to your pedichair then you have plumbing centrally located and not having to stretch it out.
where is your bathroom? is it located where you could use that sink?
I was fortunate enough to have a small stand alone building built on my property at the same time we were building our garage. I just made poster board cutouts of all my equipment and furniture, laid them out and measured what space I would need from there. I am connected to the garage by the shared bathroom that we made big enough to house all of my cleaning and sanitation supplies as well as paper products. We also installed a utility sink in the bathroom so that my bigger things like pedi bowls would fit in it for scrubbing. Since I am only part time, I do not advertise too much. Mostly just word of mouth through the clients I brought with me from the shop. That way, even new clients are not total strangers. I have a full book now, but again I am only part time and still do have to turn people away on occasion. I like being able to work from home, but at the same time--it would be nice to have someone to back things up when I am out of town.