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Full Version: advice about my "nail instructor"
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It's me again asking for advice. I signed up for school with contract at the beginning of August I explained to him that I live almost 4 hours away and would it be possible to do my book work over email then go to there when when I had someone to watch my kids he said there will no issues I'm actually doing this with two other of my students. I sent him a check the next day for half of my school costs. On August 22nd he sent for assignments and power points half of them were blank or wouldn't open I told him this he said its ok. Since then he has called me once when I call him almost every other day begging for assignments and my student I'd #. He's always nice but never follows through with what he says he going to do. I got the school from the board so I know its a legit school but I feel like I'm getting ripped off. He hasn't ever sent me anything no book, kit, receipt,nothing. Anyway I sent him an email four days ago when he called asking for the rest of his money saying how I feel and he wouldn't be getting the rest of his money until I started receiving an education, my kit, etc. He hasnt responded. I'm asking for your thoughts because I do not what to do. Thanks
Im so sorry that your having so much trouble. I would go to the school and figure out what needs to be done to get everything worked out. At this point I think this is your only option if you want to continue going to school there. Even though it is a long drive you may be able to work some things out like getting your I.D. Number and a receipt. I however would be very professional to make sure you don't burn any bridges.

Did you sign a contract? If so look and see what your contract says.

Personally when I went to school I was allowed to pay as I went as long as my program was totally paid off by the time that I graduated.

Good luck. I hope you figure everything out.
Yes I did sign. A contract I get to pay as I go also but I told him I would be sending him the rest of the check. The only time I called him he asked about his check. He's telling me that I should buy over 600$ dollars worth of stuff but I should have a kit. Its so frustrating to be motivated to do something and not have my assignments. Thanks for your input.


I hate to say it but some schools aren't really about educating. They want your money and want you to work for them for nothing so they can get more money. I had this situation with a local school. Was there for two months, we never opened a book, never took a test, only had 3 days of actual hands on instruction and was promptly put out on the floor.

You have a choice of either reporting the school to the state regulatory agency or quitting and suing. If you do either, keep good records, keep e-mails, make records of when you called and what was said, etc. Sounds like to me this school isn't about educating, just making money.

But I would stand my ground and not send him any more money until you get what is stated in the contract.
I encourage you to keep impeccable records on when you contacted them, what the content of the discussion was and when any follow up is expected to occur. It is best if you can have a written record making email an ideal method. Making the trip to the school to get all of your materials & kit and go over your expectations is something I would do before you send any more cash. And read the contract carefully and the state board of education's rules as they pertain to private career schools. Being an informed student is critical, it's your money and you want to get what you're paying for. It sounds like you will really need to be an organized, motivated student to do the distance learning piece of it, but it certainly is possible. Getting on this board and doing as much learning and research as possible will give you a great head start. If you are using the Milady textbooks they offer an online test preparation program that I used to prepare for my State Board test. It was reasonably priced at under $30.

Good Luck
I have been going crazy trying to teach myself everything I can. I use youtube,, this site and others. I called a bunch of companies asking for samples. I have spent so much money trying to teach myself. I practice everyday and study. I figure if I teach myself I will know a lot more whenever I get my assignments. I'm trying as hard as I can. When I emailed him I stated that all I want is the education that I'm paying for and my supplies. I look forward to future assignments.
Have you contacted your state board about this?
no I haven't called the state. I would like to be the best that I can be and I'm scared that if I say something to them that my instructor will hate me for life. thats why I came here for yalls input. thanks
Get your kids a sitter or bring them with and get in your car and drive the 4 hrs to the school. Get there early and don't leave until you get things sorted out. Call ahead to make sure someone who can fix things will be there when you get there.
it now takes 11 to 12 hours because Hurricane Irene took out our highway but I will get up there as soon as the road is fixed. thanks