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Full Version: can i use any 36 watt uv lamp with shellac??
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I had a generic UV lamp that I used to for a couple of manicures and then bought the CND lamp. I read somewhere (don't remember where) that even tho the wattage might be the same the CND lamp has mirrors that reflect the light which can cause it to cure differently than another lamp. I love that my CND lamp has a timer in it, so I don't have to guess when I need to change the bulbs.


I've used my cheapo machine with no problems.
I only use the CND UV nail lamp on shellac nails. If you do not get consistent results every time using regular lamps on your shellac nails, then use a CND lamp. Especially, if you have a good customer base that gets shellac nails done regularly. It would be a good investment.
(10-05-2011, 12:56 PM)Annette1105 Wrote: [ -> ]sobeit
>> I spoke to CND about my shellac peeling issues. I am using an off brand UV
>> light, you would have thought I swore at the tech when I told her that.
>> I'm playing around with my system at this point to see what I can do to get
>> it to stay on. There were several places I can change technique.
>> What other UV lights are the rest of you using that "WORK" other then CND brand
> I use my P.N.I 36 watt full hand tunnel lamp from premier, it was less than
> $40 and it has never ever been an issue. And now that I use Gelish base I never
> have a wear problem.

did you use Shellac before? Y did you choose Gelish over the other products available?

Had I been spoken to as you described I would have asked to speak with her/his supervisor, told her/him I would never buy products from them and tell him/her it was because of how I was treated! That is one of the things that I absolutely hate now-a-day. People act as if they were raised without manners. Especially young people and it actually makes me want to grate my teeth! There is nothing I hate more than absolute rudeness especially in the business world. There is just no excuse for it!
Can I use my opi led lamp with shellac?

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