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Full Version: Hello Everyone
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Hi, my name is Danielle. I have been a nail tech for ~3yrs. I worked in Ripley, WV - then at Somata Spa in MI. Currently, I am not working as a nail tech, but still research and keep up on trends. I'm working on a future spa, but currently just sell products.

I teach the online Healthy Nails course - which was featured in the 2004 September ed. of Nail Pro mag. wow - that was really exciting for me! If you are interested, visit: If you are interested in signing up, just e-mail me: [email protected] for more information.

I am an Interior Design student, and hope to focus on salon/spa design in the future as well as salon/spa furniture design. I have 1.5 yrs left before I graduate.

I also work full time at the Bureau of the Public Debt.

It is great to meet everyone, and I look forward to future interaction!!

Danielle B.