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Full Version: shellac basecoat slimmy look almost help
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I've done hundreds of shellca clients and I've had a couple who after I cure the base and I put the color on it slides all over. Like the base isn't cured. Its not tacky its almost slimy. Any one have ideas? I follow prep to the T and its only about 3 clients out of 2 hundred!


Are they putting their fingers in so their nails are laying flat towards the light. I had a problem with one client where it was sliding off. I noticed when I walked behind her one day her fingers were tilted to the side. Now she makes sure her nails are laying flat down and no more problems.

The other thing to consider is maybe they have too much oil in their system. I wonder if wiping their nails one at a time with alcohol/scrubfresh and immediately do the basecoat and flash cure would help.