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Full Version: Eco Accelerating Complex!
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Hi! I just wanted to say that I really like the Eco Accelerating Complex for acetone and alcohol. I use Shellac as my only gel polish, and the soak off solution concentrate makes it literally pop off the nail in large chunks just like NSI Polish Pro with very limited scraping needed. I'm hoping that in the long run I'll also see the condition of my drier clients' nails improve...but I'm very pleased with how much it's helped with removal!

The finishing wipe concentrate makes the tacky layer come off in one swipe, which is nice also.

The price may seem steep, but you use soooo little of it at a time that it is totaly worth it for all of you to try!


That's great to hear, I have been reluctant to spend more money on my SOGP services, but this may be a good investment.
Peggy, it is a great investment, speeds up your services (faster removal), reduces drying effects of straight acetone, is very economical because you only need a few drops.

You can also purchase Eco Accelerating Complex which contains 2 products:
* Accelerated Finishing Wipe Concentrate: Added to alcohol for cleansing the nail plate prior to applying gels or is used after the last layer gel and final cure has taken place. This formula effectively removes the tacky layer left behind by any type of gel. This gives the crystal clear, glassy like finish for gels.
* Accelerated Soak Off Solution Concentrate: a few drops can be added to acetone for gently removing soak-off gel enhancements. The solution hydrates, conditions cuticles and sidewalls of the nail beds while removing product easily without damage or excessive scraping to the natural nails.

See Eco Accelerating Complex at:


Thank you dahling. I will put some in my cart, I need to get more hibiscus becuase my jars leak really bad and there is none left.
LEAKS!!! Oh My! Was it a bad jar or what do you think was the problem?


I really don't know. I keep all my jars upright in a secure bin with a lid, it's impossible for them to tip over. Sad
Well that is just strange! Can you email me the details of what you think is going on and I will get it over to Elaine and see if we can't figure it out! She's out of the country right now, so it may take a little bit to get back to you on it.
Hi Lorraine,
Will you ship the Accelerator's to Canada? I guess they're not available here. Sad
Hi Carmen, unfortunately no, my store does not allow shipping outside the US. You can try and see if they can order it for you