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Full Version: Moving salons, how far is too far?
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How far is too far do you think when moving salons? I'm in an area that doesn't have many salons so I don't have much to choose from (especially when it comes to booth renting). I found some great places about 8-10 miles from me. I have my die hard followers that I know would travel to the end of the earth for me, but then I have some that may be on the fence as it is or fairly new to me that I'm not sure will follow. I'm miserable where I am and have to make a change soon, help!
I have heard three miles is general rule of thumb but I am sure some will go further for a great tech! :wink: I have moved twice in 12 yrs, once 5 miles & once 3 miles & had no problems either time.
In April I moved my salon 23 miles and believe it or not, most of my clients followed me. If you are miserable where you are, you need to move. Yes, you might lose some clients, but you will most likely gain new ones and if you are happier - there is no price you can put on that.

To be honest, I would rather work somewhere I enjoy being at and have less clients, than have a full book and hate going to work everyday.
If you've got a full book because your work is excellent, most clients will drive a pretty good distance to get to you rather than go thru the hassle of trying to find another tech. Or they might try to find another only to give up and make the drive.

If you're unhappy where you're at then you need to move. Your mental attitude bleeds over to your clients whether you want it to or not. If you're working where you're comfortable, the clients notice and it makes them feel better, too.
You're right Donna, I totally agree. I've been in this business for over 20 years and have been a salon owner previously. I have been desperately looking for my own small space, but there is nothing available near me with it's own ventilation so the AC fumes are an issue in a shared office building situation. I'm not ready for a big salon as I have small children and can't put my focus (and $$) in a full blown salon right now. Argh!
Just curious because of the MI in your nick but are you from Michigan, is so where are you located??? Thanks )
Can you possibly try a "share the load" thing where you rent for a day or two at a new location, building there, and re-shuffling your existing clients at the old place to accomodate your move? That way you don't lose too much $ and you're building? Just a thought.
I have a similar issue.

I like my studio location (inside a salon of 2-3 stylists), but was thinking of 1 or 2 days a week working in another salon approx 40 miles (about 25 min drive) away.

The difference being that from where I am currently is about 3.5 miles, in a small town of 100k and lots of competition. Competitors are not the issue as much as I am still building and am 'OK' with that at the moment, however 'rent' is still due!

The other option is a smaller town but little to slim competition for 1-2 days per week.

I was thinking that maybe the 1-2 per week shop could help me support with rent my 'home' shop. As of right now I have not discussed with the owner of the smaller town shop what she would ask for rent. I am thinking very little.

I doubt I would want to drive the 40 miles each way long term.

Anyone else work in more than one shop?
Any thoughts?


I am also considering a move, I work 25 miles from home and want to work a little closer. I live in a newer building area, and would love to have clients close to me, but I have always worked in the area I am now. Business has slowed down way to much, I think our salon owner is giving up and waiting to retire in a year or two. I worry not so much about clients coming with as they have been with me 10+ years, what I worry about is finding a place that can deal with my part time schedule. Disc compression and pinched nerves make it hard to work full days. I actually look forward to a new place if I can find one. Anyone in Longmont CO need a tech part time? Renter.