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Full Version: Looking for new services to add to my menu... any ideas?
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I currently offer gels, acrylics (with tons of art options), gel mani's, mani, basic & spa pedi, gel toe pedi's... what I'd like to do is come up with some other services that could be done independently or as add-ons. I'm not looking to add waxing or facials, but keeping it to the nails - and would love to hear any ideas that you gals might have!

All I've come up with so far is adding hand/foot hydrating treatments with a good mask & heated mitts & booties. I already offer those, but am going to offer some that are specific for anti-aging, etc.

It seems like there should be more that I could do, and I love it when my schedule isn't full of the same old stuff all day!

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to your ideas. Smile
i just started keeping the herbal spa line... you should look into it.. they have custom seasonal and regular menu cards that go with it.. my clients love it and you can use it for mani or pedi