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Full Version: New hoping to get a lot of replies please!
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Well my screen name says it all I am a nurse have been for almost two yrs and I am about to start my journey in the world of nails. I used to do my own nails in high school and everyone loved them, back then I would just put stickers on them and cover with clear polish but they looked really cute and I loved doing my friends. It was so much fun. My job as a nurse is so stressful and to be honest I hate it. I love giving care to others but my days are spent doing more paper work to keep state off our butts than giving care which is why I went in this field. Anyway whenever I meantion to someone I want to go to school to learn how to do nails and get a parttime job doing them and one day own my own business when I have gained enough knowledge. I tend to get the oh why would you do that you are a nurse that doesnt make sense not really any positive things to say about it from many. But I see the potential and i'm going for it as I had many people think I wouldnt finish nursing school. I love to prove people wrong. I am even going to pay for school my self which is not going to be easy but I feel in my heart this is something I want to do part time and still work as a nurse. Well just wanted to know what you all think. Glad to be here also.