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Full Version: Guiness Book of Records
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People like this probably do their nails and hair in private because of all the attention their grooming needs would require.

I would really like to do a client like this. Her life has got to be so interesting!

Sorry for this in advance, but how the heck does she wipe her butt?
oh, I saw her at the Las Vegas show.
That is amazing.
I cant imagine going through life for that many years, without being able to do things for myself, I know yes she is able to do some things (saw her on a morning show with Guiness Book recording her nails), but to not be able to help someone else or myself move things (boxes, furniture, etc., scrub my own tub) ya know those things that require gripping. I have a hard enough time when I put a set of nails on out to the #2 mark on the forms. Plus I think they are just unattractive.
wonder how she pulls up those leggings! and how many bottles of polish it takes to do one set!?