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Full Version: Looking for a Gel Tech in FL
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Hi Ladies & Gents, I am in search of a Gel Nail Tech in the Brooksville, Florida area for a client who is moving there permanently. She is a very nice lady, always schedules ahead and always on time. I would love to help her find someone in that area who will take great care of her.
Thanks! Smile
Darn~I just looked up Brooksville on the map and it"s far,far away from me. Sad

Sorry I cant help, I hope someone replies so your client dosnt end up in some chop shop and has a bad experience.
Thank you for checking into it, We're still looking. She had a bad experience when she went down to buy her house, so she is worried about finding a reputable tech.
Hi Darcy. Rhonda here. I do Gels in Zephyrhills,about 25 miles from Brooksville. Would be glad to have her if she is willing to travel. Voted best Day spa and nail Salon in Pasco County for 2 years in a row....and untill resently I was the only nail tech...he he. Needs to book in advance as I am getting ready to start my busy season with the snowbirds coming from up north...usually booked 2 weeks in advance. email me for #
I don't think she will mind a little drive, it doesn't look like there are a whole lot of options right in Brooksville. Your email was not listed on the bottom of your post, would you mind clicking on mine and emailing me? Or do you have a website you can direct me to?
Thank you for posting! Smile