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Full Version: New! UV/LED Light Free Gel-ColorGel
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Has anyone tried this new Gel Perfect product from Nutra Nail?

I knew it wouldn't be long before a gel polish was in drugstores. I want to try it. Just to see how it holds up and how easy the application will be.

"It is available in 12 different shades and has a suggested retail price of $11.99 (so it’s about $3 per application). It will begin shipping in September."

Wait a minute! So you only get 4 uses per bottle? I expect more 'home gel polish' to come in the future.
What will be funny is charging to fix all the womens nails after they do it at home and end up with chunky nails.

My diy cousin thinks its so easy to do nails but won't get the edu for it cuz she would need to get a ged. Next thing I hear she will be telling people she's doing SOGs at her house with this stuff. LOL

Ill be sticking with Harmony even though Gelish is at Sallys I still love it. I order online cuz all the Sallys girls in my town are very rude and even mean.

Thanks for the info I. May buy it and do one hand Harmony and the other drug store brand and see what happens when I do dishes laundry and work all day.
This is clearly NOT gel as it does not need a light to cure it. Probably glue.
Lots of retail companies have resin/glue that is thicker they call gel.