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Full Version: must have products
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I'm constantly going through this site reading posts. I'm wondering what are the best must have products you have? I would like to be as "green as possible." I'm in serious consideration of trying to make my own products.
well.. ya know.. unless you do gels at least there is no monomer to throw away, no soaking off unless you do sog and there is no odor. so my number one must have would be gel nails
my number two thing would be the a pedi system like i just got where you have odorless bases and add sugar and herbs essential oils to make your scrubs and essential oils to your mask and lotion bases .. then you are not buying premade containers that add to the dump eventually and they are attractive and clients like making their own scents. you basically have no waste produced at the end cycle.
there are many new polish lines that lay claim to no high chems anylonger in them that is a nice thing.
thats all i got for now Smile
Line out, blue cross, and a good therapist.
I haven't ever heard of blue cross. I'm trying to find their website but I having issues
Not sure if Blue Cross really has their own site - it is sold at Sallie's and you can find it on Amazon