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Full Version: Gem nails
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Rhinestones and half baby pearls over silver foil and stripes. Sculpted gel on myself, already filed some off the corner and pearls of the index finger before I got a chance to take a photo :lol:

I'm still not sure if I like these or not, they're a little unconventional for me as I really prefer smooth smooth surfaces. Trying to break form and go a little bit 3d.

[Image: 264700_226852107344211_181821388513950_8...1422_n.jpg]
i think you did a great job!!!.. i know on the website there are many around the world who post similiar nails so where they are people want them... i did a set recently that was blinged out on one finger on each hand and it was a hit so i am going to try something more pearly like yours next
mylar might be a cooler look tho insead of would reflect the colors of the pearls more..
kailiek that is a great idea Smile You are probably right, from a distance these nails look only like silver with stripes, you have to get close to see the pearls. Smaller hexagons would probably work great as a base. I tried the irregular mylar on leopard nails once and that was a huge failure, as soon as you cover any of it with painting or other shapes it doesn't show. Or maybe I did something wrong... I need to try it again. Thanks for the website link, those are really cool!

NACAMSStaff, the trick is to use a gel layer to attach the gems and only sealing gel / top coat to cover Smile

What I did was place the foil with a brush on the dispersion layer after doing my base and builder layers. I poked it around with a brush until it was shattered, added a tiny bit of silver glitter here and there, covered with a clear gel, cured. Painted the stripes. The pearls and rhinestones were then added into a layer of clear gel that was thin enough not to be runny but thick enough for the stones to sink into. Then cured. Then two layers of sealing gel and done!
sorry to be off topic....Lunacita, I love your avitar picture, how did you do those?

These types of nails are making a huge comeback in Cali right now, how gorgeous. Smile I can't wait 'til I can sculpt as well as you.
Like like like!!!
Quote:sorry to be off topic....Lunacita, I love your avitar picture, how did you do those?


HI Sue Smile I did them using clear tips, clear acrylic and confetti.