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Full Version: Need some help with customer letters...
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I'm trying to find some templates to bring in "dead" customers, and thanks to new and loyal customers. I havent had much luck searching the net, not much Spa specific, and what there is isn't free. Does anyone have anything they can share?
How about "We Miss You!" - and then offer them a discount. I'd make it a discount via a package... like three mani's for $XX. That way you get them to return for more than one visit. Once they've come back in several times, you may have been able to convert them to a full-time client.

When you are sending something out to loyal clients say "Thank You for your Loyalty".... and then offer them some kind of special deal. Ask loyal clients for referrals and then give them something to thank them.

I'm not sure if this is what you were asking or not -but good luck.