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Full Version: Non-SOGs
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What brands make non-soak off gels? I guess that's how you would say that. LOL! I am using IBD and I have to soak that off and I have a friend that is hard on her nails, but doesn't want a soak off. So I'm wonder what I can use on her that is tough but also easy to take off when the time is right. She is my model for school! Big Grin
they should all have them.. nailite, gelousy, for sure have them, then if you are using t.e.n. gel u can use the pigment powders or liquids and make non soakable gel colors
Thank you Kailiek!! She is one that showers a hundred times a day because of her job and it kills her nail polish. I figured if I can figure her nails out then I can do anything. LOL!
I have 13 shades of Nailite gel polish for sale in the swap shop at a great price...