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Full Version: Colored nail tips?
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Where have you boughten good colored nail tips.... Smile Thank you for helping...... Big Grin Great week to all.........
i get most of mine from ebay at mayheps and karlinsu they are one hundred to five hundred count.. good tips.. all colors or predesigned also many are listed with free shipping. never a problem fromeither seller.. also now same tips available at sally beauty but cheaper on the above listed sellers
Nubar has tons of color tips.
email me and I can send you a pdf of the colors
Air Art girl will you send me the pdf of the colored tips?

[email protected]

I have bought from those same places on Ebay that Kathie does. They have been fine. I only use the color nails for party nails because I never do well with tips over the long term.
I'd like the color tip info as well! [email protected]