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Full Version: need prayers for a client
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just called on of my clients (husband and wife come in every other week for pedis) to confirm their appts tomorrow.. i knew the husband was going in for surgery (was supposed to be 2 weeks ago but i guess it was delayed).. anyways, found out he is in critical condition with kidney failure amongst other issues (could hardly understand their son, who is 40, who answered the phone and i certainly did not want to keep pressing him for answers)...
anyway, any prayers or good thought going his way would be appreciated.. his name is larry..
I will certainly keep him in my prayers, I have several clients doing through so many hardships these days and I can sympathise with you.It's hard to do this job and not feel for them, isn't it?


I put his name on an online prayer chain. I hope that is ok. I ask that your client and the loved ones are surrounded by the light of love and protection and are given a feeling of calm and peace while they find out and go through whatever process they are give.
I also ask for this same light to surround yourself. We love our clients and this must be hard for you as well. We never know what is going on in anyone's lives, be it a hard day, or an illness that is uncertain. I hope you find comfort in knowing you have support here as well.

If you all that read this don't mind I ask for the same prayers in return for My clients son in law. His name is Jamie Ball. He is going to have a bone marrow transplant in Dec and has been going through Chemo for several months. He married my Clients Daughter last Dec and this young couple deserves a fighting chance. My client will be his live in caregiver for 2 months and she needs prayers as well.

I hope you don't feel like I intruded here. I just hope we can have needs met in one place. Sincerely Peggy
Sending prayers your way! Also a little Reiki too!!! ((HUGS)))
Prayers going out to Larry and Jamie.
Can I add mom to that prayer chain Peg?


Heck yea. Do you want me to do it or would you like a link on FB to the chain?
my client larry lost his life last night with his family by his side.. he was a nice man and he leaves behind a grieving wife and 2 adult children. he will be missed!


I am so very sorry to hear that. My prayers go to everyone left behind.