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Full Version: Heat spikes in Gel
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I was just wondering what are ways to avoid the dreded heat spikes?


You can have the client flash cure right outside the lamp where you can see light hitting the table ( just an inch or two back from the opening ) and wait several seconds, then enter the light fully and slowly after that.
You might apply your layers a little thinner if that doesn't help. TEN users can flash cure and then add another layer before a final cure, but the flash curing helps with heat spikes.
If you're using TEN, I've got pix showing how I pre light the client's nails prior to going completely in the lamp for a full cure.
YN also has videos showing prelighting by placing the clients hand in front of the lamp for about 10 seconds then fully in.
Thank you for your advice.
I had to use to outside the lamp method, I had BAD heat spikes with OPI...
i was told in my last edu in indy this .....gel likes gel, the first coat needs to be super thin away from all sides of your fingers then ...... thin thin thin new sets are always three layers maybe four if they are hard on their nails this works for me. my clients tell me no more heat spikes and they are happier.
I actually had better luck using YN gels because they reformulated the gel to not have extreme heat spikes. I like it and I don't have clients complaining about it burns...just a thought.