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Full Version: Building clientele
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I have been working at a salon for almost 2 mos. I have about 3 clients that book regularly. Most times I sit around and am visible to the people getting their hair done. I have offered a cuticle treatment while they are processing, offered a fall discount on mani/pedi's and post on social networks about the salon and what I/We offer. The other nail tech has been there over 16 yrs and when she introduces me, it's something like, here is our new nail tech, she is helping me. I get the feeling they think that's all I'm doing. I have since started to say that yes I am helping but am also building my clientele. I don't want to give the impression I just do the clean up work around there. Somedays I get so bored, I think maybe I'll just go work at StarbucksSmile How did your early days go and what is a good time frame to know I can make it as a nail tech? Six months? A year? Right now I am on a split but hope to become a booth renter soon.


sobeit :

Sobeit, can you message me at [email protected]? I want to ask for your assistance. Thanks!