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I have been approached by several girls at the school where i did my instructor training, looking for a mentor for nails. I would really like to do this after hours in my salon. As long as Im not being compensated then technically Im not teaching right? My big worry is that the head instructor of the school will find out and come after me over it. However, if she were appropriately training these girls they wouldnt be begging for help. Its practically a money school so they treated me really bad when i got my hours and provided very little quality product for the students. How can i help these girls legally? How do i keep my training under the "mentor" definition?
My definition of a mentor is someone who has the experience to help trouble shoot problems struggling new techs are having. Most mentors don't charge, imo. If you're not taking money for the help you're giving, I can't see how the teacher would be able to say anything to you. It's my opinion that some of these instructors I've been reading about don't like being proven wrong or shown the 'error' of their ways.

The advice I would give you is make sure your help and info to these girls is completely correct. That way, it can't come back to 'bite' you later on.....


Very well said Donna. A mentor should be very well rounded and versed in the trade and not only give technical support and help but motivate and show their passion. It's a great gift you want to give cloudnine Big Grin


I agree with what Donna said as far as what a menor is. I would recommend also checking with your state regs to ensure that you are not doing anything against them. Probably all it would take is a quick phone call, but then also ask if they could fax you a copy of the reg. just in case. If they can't then get the name of the person who told you and document that phone call, time and date. Then that way you have checked so the instructor couldn't come back on you.

It is too bad that the instructor isn't doing her job, but it sounds like the girls are lucky to have you help them!!
Thanks for the reassurance ladies. These girls are girls that i knew when i did my instructor hours at school. Two are still attending and the one is graduated. I also thought about holding instructing in my home. The two newbies need instruction from the ground up, which would be about 6 weeks of "mentoring" the other wants help with art and things like that becauase i trained her while she was at the school. im glad im at least thinking in thr right direction. I just hate that these girls will have to purchase more product and tool aside from what they are paying for school, in order to learn from me. any ideas on how to help them cut costs? They should have product in their kits but all the variables like art supplies and files, brushes.. State prep, idk so much to do. But i dont want to do it halfassed.
Is there an Asian nail supply in your area? They'll have the cheapest prices on nail tools. Otherwise, what about Nailite? Their prices are very cheap, and they're who'd I look to if you can't find what you're looking for in your area. If you're going to work with acrylic, speak to Lisa, and she'll give you ideas of what product will work best for their skill levels. I use Nailite's Omega line pretty much all the time. It works great, and it's about half of the name brand price.